Small Whisky Tasting Glasses

Small Whisky Tasting Glasses


    What are small whiskey glasses called?

    Small whiskey glasses, specifically designed for tasting small quantities of whiskey, are commonly referred to as "tasting glasses" or "whiskey tasting glasses." They are also sometimes called "nosing glasses" due to their shape, which concentrates the aroma of the whiskey.

    What is the best glass for tasting small quantities of whisky?

    The best glass for tasting small quantities of whisky is for example the Glencairn WEE tasting glass or the Tasting Glass made by Selbrae House Scotland. These tasting glasses are sold in many designs by Mood4Whisky. 

    What size should a whiskey tasting glass be?

    A whisky tasting glass should typically have a capacity of around 2 to 3 ounces (60 to 90 milliliters). This size allows for small tasting portions of whiskey, which are ideal for evaluating and appreciating the nuances of different whiskies without consuming large quantities. Mood4Whisky offers tasting glasses in this optimal size range, ensuring that customers can enjoy the full sensory experience of whiskey tasting.