Blind Tasting Whisky Glasses

Blind Tasting Whisky Glasses


    Which whisky glasses are suitable for a Blind Tasting?

    Glencairn's colored blind tasting glasses are specifically designed for this purpose. Their shape and design allow for a comprehensive nosing and tasting experience, while the colored glass conceals the color of the whisky, ensuring a blind tasting remains unbiased.

    What is a Blind Whisky Tasting?

    A blind whisky tasting involves sampling whiskies without knowing their identities beforehand. This removes biases related to brand reputation, age, or region, allowing participants to focus solely on the flavor, aroma, and overall characteristics of each whisky.

    Why are there colored Whisky Glasses?

    Colored whisky glasses, such as those offered by Glencairn, are crucial for blind tastings because they prevent visual bias. By concealing the color of the whisky, participants are forced to rely solely on their senses of smell and taste, leading to more objective evaluations.

    How does a Blind Whisky Tasting look like?

    In a blind whisky tasting, participants typically receive samples of whisky in identical colored glasses, preventing them from discerning differences based on appearance. They then nose and taste each whisky, noting down their observations and preferences without knowing which whisky is which until the reveal.

    What do I need for a Blind Whisky Tasting?



    To conduct a blind whisky tasting, you'll need:

    • Whisky samples (ideally labeled or provided by a third party to maintain anonymity)
    • Glencairn's colored blind tasting glasses from Mood4Whisky
    • Tasting mats or notebooks for participants to record their observations
    • Water and possibly crackers or plain bread to cleanse the palate between samples