About us

Nice that you tell us something about us and the history of our company.

The source of our business are some amazing trips to Scotland. We can recommend everyone to visit this fantastic country at least once.
During our travels we came into contact with a number of smaller producers and they were interested in working with us. This made Mood Company BV a fact. Through Mood Company BV we focus on the sale of Home & Living products from Scotland.

By now we had not only fallen in love with Scotland, but also with the magical 'Water of Life', Scotch Whiskey. During such a moment of enjoyment, the idea arose to focus more on this and that is how Mood4Whisky was created.

We are still a small company, located in the north of the Netherlands, but hope to inspire more and more people in the coming years and let them enjoy beautiful products.

Kind regards,

Miriam and Edwin